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Shluchim Refuah

A confidential rofe yedid network
for Shluchim

The Rebbe often told people to seek advice from yedidim meivinim

(“friends who are knowledgeable [about the situation]”) or, in the case of medical questions, from a rofeh yedid (“a doctor who is a friend”). 

Why a “friend”?  A true friend will first identify with the questioner and his pain and then offer sound advice.

Shluchim Refuah  is a project of Chabad on Call, Merkos Suite 302.
We are here to support Mishpachas

לזכות אפרים בן יפה לבריאות הנכונה בשלימות ולאריכת ימים ושנים טובות

Holding Hands

Who We Are

Here at Shluchim Refuah network, we know that together with the medical challenge you may be facing, comes along an overwhelming feeling of isolation. We are here to let you know that you are not alone.


At the core of our efforts is the promise to hold your hand while navigating this crisis. With just one strictly confidential phone call, we will begin the journey and bezras Hashem the road to recovery, together.


If you are a Shliach, Shlucha or know of shluchim who are facing a medical challenge, please reach out to us by phone or email.

All calls and emails are confidential under the management of Mrs. Chani Goldberg, director of Chabad on Call.

(484) 316-0078


Ways We Help

Medical Guidance

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Family Support

Siblings Playing Together

Emotional Support

Empty Chairs

How do we begin this journey together?


Contact us

by phone or email

Your initial call to our confidential hotline will be to gather basic information regarding the medical issues you or your family member are facing.




With the basic information given, we will liaison with various agencies, organizations and medical professionals to take this to the next step.



Sign the Waiver

When a second opinion is needed, and records need to be shared the liability and HIPAA forms need to be signed for both the privacy and liability of the patient, medical professional and Merkos.


Holistic Approach

More than the referral

Once initial contact is made, and the professionals are guiding you down the medical path, we continue to be here for you and your family to ease the burden and stress in many different ways.

Contact Shluchim Refuah Network

All calls and emails are confidential • (484) 316-0078‬

Thanks for submitting!

You can also contact us directly:

(484) 316-0078‬


 “No Shliach or Shlucha should ever feel alone when faced with a medical challenge, in fear that their honor and dignity and that of their family might be compromised if they reach out for help.”

Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky


"There is no greater mission than to help the Rebbe's Shluchim and Shluchos and their families when a medical issue arises, chas v’sholom. Our team of Rofim Yedidim from across the world are here, as friends and as doctors, to assist you and your family through the steps of the medical process in any way that we can."

Medical Advisor

Dr. Shmuel Margolin


“The weight of the diagnosis left us lost, confused and with a lack of direction. We turned to a number of incredible organizations who immediately set the ball rolling. BH we are now in a much better place. I don’t know how we would have done it on our own, having the support we were given made all the difference.”

Rabbi Yochanon Klien


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